Selecting a hotel

Visitors to a city select a hotel or lodging according to their budget and convenience. Usually hotels and lodging facilities close to the city center are more expensive. However most of the tourist attractions and business locations are closer to the city center, allowing the visitor to save both time and money. So for a person who is visiting the city for a very short period of time, it is advisable to select accomodation close to the city center

On the other hand, a person with an extremely limited budget may select a hotel in the suburbs as the cost of the lodging will be far lower due to lower real estate rates. However he or she may have to spend some time travelling. In case of cities with excellent public transport system like mumbai, the cost of travelling large distances using the local trains is affordable.

Importance of planning a city trip

When a person is residing at home, many of the expenses are lower especially when he or she is owning the house . It is also possible to plan meals in advance and keep sufficient food . However when visiting a city for business or work it is very important to plan all the activities in very great detail to prevent wastage of time and money.
The cost of a visit to any city should include the cost of travel to the city , like air tickets and also cost of living in a hotel or other similar accomodation. At home some people may not plan their daily activities in any detail, however while travelling it is important to make at least a rough schedule of all the activities in the city or town , and allocate time for each activity accordingly

A provision should also be made for the unexpected contigencies especially when dealing with government employees or when the procedure is not very clear. While some activities like online activities can be done anywhere, there are some things and activities which can be only done in the city, and it is advisable to focus on completing these activities in the city first.

Planning travel to cities

Most people live in one place for most of the time in a year, their home or residence, and occassionally travel to other places for a variety of reasons
People may travel to different cities of the world on a holiday or for business purposes. Unless they will be in the city for less than 12 hours, they will have to make the following arrangement for their stay in the city like:
– Transport, travel in the city
– Accommodation , a place to stay
– Food , meals

While travellers employed in a large company can expect their employer to make the necessary arrangements, most small business owners and independent travellers have to make their own arrangements for transport within the city, accommodation and food . For this a lot of prior planning is required to ensure that there are no glitches at a later date.

Public transport systems in cities

One of the features of living in large cities is that they have excellent public transport systems which allow a commuter to travel from one place to another at a relatively low cost . In contrast in small towns, the public transport system is very poor, and most people have to spend a large amount of money to travel even short distances if they do not have a driving license or a vehicle of their own

In addition to buses, trains which are highly affordable, even hired vehicles like taxis and rickshaws are metered , ensuring that passengers are not fleeced and rates remain affordable. In small towns rickshaw meters are not installed and the vehicle drivers are free to quote whatever price that they wish to. This greatly increases the cost of doing business in small towns, for those who do not drive their own vehicle

A visitor to a large city can greatly reduce travel expenses if he or she is familiar with the public transport system in the city.

City travel , trends, information

City travel related information. Most people live and work in cities in many countries , and many more visit the city for personal or professional reasons. It is important for them to get the latest information about the city which they are planning to visit, as there are many differences in the living conditions, travel and accomodation available.

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