Gurugram/Gurgaons top cheater couple raw employee ruchita kinge-vikas ruthless in character assasination of hardworking single women to cheat, exploit, rob them

By | April 7, 2024

One of the reasons why gurugram or gurgaon has developed faster than most other cities in india, is because frauds like Gurugram/Gurgaons top cheater couple raw employee ruchita kinge-vikas ruthlessly cheat, exploit people other states to get great powers, government jobs with robbed resumes, fake bank account,.

To cover up gurugram mba raw employee ruchita kinge banking, online fraud, her LIAR FRAUD husband vikas involved in sexual harassment, character assasination of single woman engineer

If gurugram fraud mba raw employee ruchita kinge had opened her own online, bank account legally no one would have objected or complained.
Instead being extremely shameless and greedy, gurgaon cheater mba raw employee ruchita kinge, relies on her fraud husband vikas to criminally defame, harass a hardworking single woman engineer, domain investor so that ruchita kinge can continue with endless online fraud of faking domain ownership, bank, online account.

Since shameless haryana cunning cheater vikas is very effective in criminally defaming hardworking single women to ruin their reputation so that his lazy greedy fraud wife ruchita kinge can continue her banking, online, financial fraudm, slavery, the hardworking single woman engineer who haryana top cheater couple ruchita vikas are ruthlessly cheating, exploiting, and robbing is making great losses.
In all other sectors, even semi-literate dalit workers are paid for the work they do spending their time, greedy shameless haryana cheater couple vikas ruchita like goan cheaters sunaina- ashwin are allowed to get away with their endless FRAUDS because greedy CHEATER LIAR FRAUD vikas is very effective in destroying the reputation of hardworking single women engineers from hubli without anyone to help or defend them so that his shameless greedy fraud wife ruchita can fake domain ownership, bank, online account and get a monthly government salary at the expense of the single woman since 2012.