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Rediff refuses to carry news of indore’s massive online fraud since 2010 to get indore cheater housewife deepika/veena raw salary FAKING domain ownership

While the indian government, rediff is carrying the news of how indore is declared the cleanest city,it Rediff refuses to carry news of indore’s massive ONLINE, FINANCIAL, educational fraud since 2010 to get indore housewife deepika/veena raw salary FAKING domain ownership ,a btech 1993 ee degree from iit bombay at the expense of the single… Read More »

Bengaluru gets flooded due to government policy of falsely claiming that sindhi scammer schooldropouts and other frauds are experienced engineers

Hotel prices in bengaluru rise to Rs 40000 a day after flooding due to government engineering resume theft, fraud Usually in all states in india,no one the resume of engineers with a good JEE rank, their home state has the honesty and humanity to defend them against all the fake allegations, Only in karnataka the… Read More »

Other sindhi scammer writing fraudster cbi employee karan premchandani relocates to noida from panaji, goa

Increasingly the gujju, sindhi scammers have perfected cybercrime, cheating, exploiting hardworking investors,professionals from poorer communities to get government jobs without doing any computer work at all, without investing any money in domains. The powerful LIAR GREEDY gujju government officials tushar parekh, nikhil sha,parmar, puneet got kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani and her scammer… Read More »

Indore remains india’s leading city for domain ownership fraud since 2010 due to the fraud indian tech, internet companies

While rediff and other media are carrying the report on government ranking of indore as india’s cleanest city, they should also have the honesty to carry the news that indore is openly involved in india’s greatest online, financial, domain ownership fraud since 2010 falsely claiming that the google, tata sponsored greedy fraud LIAR indore ROBBER… Read More »

Birthday Decoration Ideas For Home

Birthday Decoration Ideas For Home We all have different feelings about birthdays. Most birthdays are a celebration to feel blessed for a happy and good life. We decorate our home and arrange a party to share the joy of milestones that have been achieved. We decorate our place with different themes that reflect our moods…

Many people in entertainment sector take a lot of supplements In large cities, people lead a very hectic life, so they take supplements, especially in entertainment sector. From ad network to cover domain renewal fees how to oreder pain meds online, genuine place order pain meds online, legit place to order pain meds online, pain meds online safely, safely purchase pain meds online,online order… Read More »