Security agencies are more professional, honest in metro cities compared to panaji, with burglaries a common problem in la campala colony

One of the reasons why large cities like Mumbai are wealthy and have a lot of companies, is that the security agencies are more professional and honest compared to those in small towns like panaji, goa
It appears that the crime rate in panaji, goa has increased drastically in the last few years, as dishonest fraud officials with criminal tendencies are given great powers in goa, and allowed to run amok, committing crimes on harmless citizens
For example the domain investor has almost nothing of value in her house in panaji, goa , yet her house in la campala colony , panaji, goa is being burgled, robbed and criminally trespassed repeatedly in 2018 .

Most people who the domain investor knows personally and professionally never had their home burgled in Mumbai, while in goa just in 2018, her home has been obviously burgled at least twice, one kitchen door, cut and the back door left open by the burglars. Earlier the robbers had left the godrej lock on one door open. Many items have been stolen by the panaji burglars which vary from shelves costing Rs 300 to tarpaulin, Bluestone earrings and other products. These burglars are aware of which items are being ordered on Amazon.

The goa government wishes to attract more investment in the state, yet it is doing almost nothing to reduce the high crime rate in panaji, goa