Having a Professional Install It is Much Easier

I was trying to figure out if I wanted to purchase a home security system and install it myself or if I should just let a professional come out and do it for me. Cost was not really a factor for me, but convenience was. That is why I ended up doing some research to find the best security system company there is. After comparing different national companies, I finally decided ADT was the one I wanted to go with. I did a search for ADT San Antonio so I could find a local dealer, and I was able to get a good bit of information right from the local dealer’s site.

I looked at each plan in detail. As I said, cost was not a huge concern. This was especially true after comparing the different plans and seeing that the price difference was extremely minimal. I thought I might as well get the most expensive plan, which in all truth was not expensive at all. Most people I know spend more than the monthly rate on lattes and a couple of cafe meals for a week. I also liked that I was able to get everything I actually did want on the plan I chose.

I added extra sensors for all my windows throughout the second floor because it is not that difficult to get into any of them because of a large but very easy to climb tree next to the house. I wanted to have my second floor protected as well, and it was a relief knowing that I actually did not have to do all of the work once I saw the tech in action. I am glad I went down this path rather than trying to install of this on my own, plus I have monitoring services too!