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The Effects Of Healthy Vending In Our Community And Health?

Vending machines have been known to be the source of junk foods and unhealthy snacks as well for the past several years. When people think of vending machines, they immediately think of chips, candy bars, sodas, cookies and lots of other packaged and highly processed food items. This on the other hand is not always the case because today, there are also healthy vending machines that offer healthy food options.

Given that vending machines have the ability of being refrigerated, it has given it more potential for healthy food options. It was once necessary for the vending machines to offer products that have preservatives in an effort to keep it fresh for longest period of time but now, they can carry almost everything so long as the product follows the guidelines.

It can change the way you and your co-workers or students do snacking by having healthy vending machine in office or school. In the next lines, I have compiled some compelling reasons why it is a great idea.
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Reason number 1. Promoting wellness and health – whether you like it or not, more than 1/3 of American adults are actually suffering from obesity, which makes it the reason to take the immediate actions in making your community and of course, the nation healthy. Snacking is an extremely important way of targeting this epidemic. Rest assure that high fat, processed and high sugar snacks will be consumed more often if they are easily accessible.
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Well obviously, this is essential in a workplace but this has to be given with more attention in schools wherein children should learn proper nutrition to achieve optimal health, development as well as learning. As a matter of fact, the way how an individual reacts to his/her surroundings, what they feel and the likes are affected by the snacks eaten.

Reason number 2. Have plenty of varieties – breaks become more convenient if there are healthy vending machines in the premises, which is why it’s loved by people. Chances are, these vending machines have more snacking options than what you can bring from home. Healthy vending machines typically can offer more than what conventional machines have. With that said, you can always guarantee to experience new flavors, which gives you a better way of taking breaks with the varieties available in healthy vending machines.

Reason number 3. Adding positive work culture – by providing healthy options to employees, it shows them that you do care about their wellness and health, which create positive perception of the company. In addition to creating this perspective among your employees, they’ll be happier and become more productive if they’re snacking healthy items rather than snacking on junk foods which make them to feel lethargic and unhappy.