Self drive vehicles

In most large cities, hiring a taxi cab can be expensive because of the high standards of living. For those who are good drivers and reasonably familiar with the city, it is advisable to hire self drive vehicles, from car rental agencies, to save time, money and for greater flexibility. Foreigners may have to submit some documents like passport while hiring a vehicle, while locals may have to pay a refundable deposit before being allowed to select a car for self driving.

Most self drive agencies have a fixed rate for hiring a car for a day or 8 hours, and it is advisable to check the car before using it, so that the visitor is not held liable for flaws, or problems which are already existing in the car . Some self drive car agencies may offer a GPS, however it is likely to be expensive compared to using other tools like online maps

Like most tourism related services, the self drive car agency may have a website, and usually discounts are offered for online booking of the vehicles.